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For better neonatal care.

Despite the Triglav run’s cancellation, organisers made the traditional donation to maternity hospitals

The Triglav run will not be taking place this year. Even though the organisers did their best to prepare, the conditions and forecasts regarding the novel coronavirus are too uncertain and risky. Therefore, one of the year’s most beautiful running events will be held in September next year. Despite this decision, organisers stayed true to the event’s purpose and made a donation for better neonatal care to four maternity hospitals. In view of the current conditions they are also working on a bunch of useful new content: from monthly digital consultations with midwives to publications for future parents.

Maternity hospitals or wards in Postojna, Kranj, Slovenj Gradec and Maribor received donations in total worth of 10,000 EUR despite the Triglav run’s cancellation. They will use these funds to buy urgently needed equipment intended for the more than 6,000 pregnant women and newborn babies that are born in their care every year.

Maternity hospitals in Kranj and Maribor will use this donation to buy a new operating table and a delivery bed. In Kranj, the operating table will be used for pregnant women who are infected with COVID-19, and for performing emergency caesarean sections, while Maribor’s University Medical Centre’s purchase will mark the first step toward supplementing their number of delivery beds. At the hospital in Slovenj Gradec, where the number of pregnant women with concomitant diseases has been increasing in the last few years, funds will be used to buy a wireless CTG machine. This will increase pregnant women’s mobility and help monitor their children’s heartbeat even during water births. The maternity hospital in Postojna will buy an infusion pump for relieving labour pains, and breathing pillows that control newborn babies’ breathing.

Support for future and young parents
Donations to health institutions are a traditional part of the Triglav run. In the last nine years, Zavarovalnica Triglav, the organiser of this unique running event, made donations in the total sum of almost 134,000 EUR to all 14 Slovenian maternity hospitals or wards, the Ultrasound Association for the Slojenčki project, the Paediatric Clinic in Ljubljana and the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana. It also extended its cooperation with maternity hospitals through a publication in which it gathers notes from the “Mami! Oči!” Vodnik za bodoče starše (Mummy! Daddy! – a guide for future parents) school for expecting parents and other useful content that fathers wrote for (future) fathers and collected them to form the Postal bom očka (I will become a dad) brochure.

“The Triglav run, whose goal is to encourage the general public to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, is also traditionally dedicated to neonatal care. We have been working even more closely with maternity hospitals in the last few years and have offered expecting parents guiding content, which we are producing together with healthcare professionals. We noticed a growing interest in our publications for parents this spring and therefore launched digital consultations for pregnant women and their companions, where midwives give answers to their most frequent questions online as part of our Triglav Lab centre,” said Tadej Čoroli, a member of the Zavarovalnica Triglav Management Board.

Expecting parents who would like to attend the next digital consultation with a midwife can apply by visiting the Vse bo v redu (Everything will be OK) website. Runners will be able to again run for better neonatal care on 11 September next year.

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