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Fans of all ages can cheer on the world’s best biathletes

Secure your spot in the virtual stands in Pokljuka with the help of Zavarovalnica Triglav

As part of the Children of Triglav in Pokljuka campaign, primary-school pupils will get the chance to support the world’s best biathletes for the ninth consecutive year, this time virtually. This year, due to the ongoing epidemic and the associated measures, fans of all ages will be cheering on their favourite biathletes virtually. Anyone can participate in the virtual event by registering at According to Klemen Bauer, the fans’ support is greatly appreciated during these times when no audience can be physically present at sporting events.

The ninth edition of the Children of Triglav in Pokljuka project has been moved online due to the current situation. The project aims to encourage our youngest fans to lead a healthy and active life style, so Slovenia’s primary-school pupils will be able to virtually support the world’s best biathletes in four competitive events. The pupils can also participate in the Best Banner competition, where a best support banner will be selected.

Fans’ support for top performance
Klemen Bauer invites biathlon fans of all generations, but the youngest in particular, to show their support on screens that will be set up alongside the track: “During these times, when our fans can’t be here with us, their support means so much more. I’m incredibly happy that there’s always a way for our fans to support us. We’ll feel every cheer of support and I believe this will help us achieve good results. For many years now, the children have supported us with their cheering and original banners during competitions in Pokljuka, and it means a lot to us. So I’m inviting our young fans to put their creativity to use once again and make some support banners. And when you’re out on the snow, try cross-country skiing too! We’re in the peak of this winter."

Virtual Fan Registration Has Already Started
While primary-school pupils will virtually support the biathletes during four competition events in Pokljuka as part of their school activities, other biathlon fans can virtually join the remaining eight events. "As part of the Children of Triglav in Pokljuka project, more than 15,000 children have enjoyed this unforgettable experience in Rudno Polje over the past eight years. This year, we have the opportunity to invite fans of all ages to help us create a great atmosphere. Without a doubt, fans both young and somewhat older will be cheering on our biathletes live on the big screens by the track and helping them achieve better results," said Tjaša Kolenc Filipčič, Zavarovalnica Triglav’s director for marketing communications.

Starting today, loyal fans can register to help create the unique Pokljuka atmosphere at Registration for each competitive event will be open until 4 pm on the preceding day (so to participate on Sunday, for example, a fan should register by 4 pm on Saturday). Upon successfully registering, fans will receive the link to the online meeting app, which they can use to share their virtual fan experience in real time. Information on how to participate and times of the competition events fans can register for is available at the registration page.

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