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New aids promise a better tomorrow for visually impaired children and children with special needs

As part of their New Year campaign, Triglav has supported Vesele Nogice, an association for children with developmental disorders, and MDDS Celje, an association from Celje for the blind and visually impaired.

Every day more than 110 children and adolescents with developmental disorders, visitors to the centre run by Vesele Nogice, prove that the only barriers that exist are the ones in our minds. Despite differentially abled and the difficulties they face, they participate with great pleasure in the many activities offered (at least when times are more normal) by the association from Laško. To ensure top-quality help for children and adolescents with special needs along with therapies that prevent potential later complications, Zavarovalnica Triglav’s regional office in Celje has decided to support the association as part of their “For A Better Tomorrow” New Year campaign. Triglav will also support MDSS Celje with the donation of a defibrillator.

For nine years, the Vesele Nogice association has been successfully advocating for a better future for children and adolescents with special needs, who attend the various types of therapy provided by physiotherapists, occupational therapists and qualified speech therapists. With the support of Slovenia’s largest insurer, the association has purchased new aids to improve quality of life and prevent any potential injuries of their young visitors with cerebral palsy.

“We will be able to offer additional, top-quality services to our users, which we have not been able to do due to a lack of the right equipment. The children and adolescents very much benefit from regular therapy and the use of the right equipment, and their quality of life is greatly improved,” said Spomenka Valušnik, president of Vesele Nogice, stressing the importance of the association.

Importance of taking a holistic approach to children
Healthcare and rehabilitation equipment complements the association’s basic equipment in an important way and provides a high-quality, tailor-made environment for children and adolescents with special needs.

Triglav is delighted to be able to support the Vesele Nogice association in their efforts to provide the best possible care for children and adolescents and ensuring that they reach personal milestones across the board. “With the help of our dedicated members, the children and adolescents who come to Vesele Nogice prove with their courage, optimism and persistence that everyone being different is what enriches our society. At the same time, they remind us how important and precious health is,” said Alenka Novak, director of Zavarovalnica Triglav’s regional office in Celje.

Every second counts
With their New Year accident prevention campaign, Slovenia’s largest insurer has been helping local communities nationwide in their efforts to increase the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest. MDSS Celje welcomed its new defibrillator, which will be installed on the outside wall right by the entrance of the association’s head office in Škofja Vas.

“Many of our members have comorbidities, other ailments, or are in their third age, which is why all activities in our association are organised with absolute diligence. Appropriate conditions, rooms and first aid equipment must be ensured. A defibrillator is one of these necessary elements,” said Edvard Vodeb, president of Celje’s inter-municipal association.

But the defibrillator isn’t the only addition that will improve the quality of life of their users. The walls will be fitted with protective wood panels (tactile aids), which will protect the blind and visually impaired from potential injuries.

Seven years of “For A Better Tomorrow” and more than 180 projects
Slovenia’s largest insurer has been running their “For A Better Tomorrow” New Year accident prevention campaign for seven years now. In the first six years, Zavarovalnica Triglav supported more than 160 prevention projects nationwide, with a further 23 receiving support this year, making a total of more than 180. In recent years, the company have co-financed the purchase of defibrillators, an ultrasound machine, an ECG machine and other life-saving medical devices, supported a large number of other projects in the fields of healthcare, civil protection, flood mitigation and road safety, and helped numerous fire brigades around the country, several in the Celje and Kozjansko regions.

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