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Young Hopes 2020

Zavarovalnica Triglav and the Vse Bo V Redu institute support the dreams and hopes of talented youth for an eighth year

Zavarovalnica Triglav and its Vse Bo V Redu institute, which advocates social responsibility, are supporting the 13 talented young people who entered the competition and were chosen by an expert panel. The purpose of this annual competition is to support young individuals who are not only talented, but also have strong ambition and strive for great success.

The panel of seven experts selected 12 talented young individuals from the fields of sport, para-sport and art. The thirteenth winner was chosen by the public, who voted online. The achievements, goals and hopes for the future of the six athletes, six artists and one para-athlete are detailed on the following website: This year’s recipients of funding through the 2020 Young Hopes competition are:
• biathlete Lovro Planko,
• chess player Zala Urh,
• para-swimmer Tim Žnidaršič Svenšek,
• sprinter Zala Istenič,
• swimmer Jaka Pušnik,
• ski jumper Žak Mogel,
• flautist An Černe,
• photographer Ela Zdešarl,
• writer Hana Bujanovič Kokot,
• pianist Marko Matajič,
• violinist Maša Stopar,
• ballet dancer Nika Ferjan, and
• athlete Peter Gričar Vintar, chosen online by the public.

The Young Hopes title for better recognition
Zavarovalnica Triglav and the Vse Bo V Redu institute have so far supported 101 talented young individuals. For some of them, winning the Young Hopes title is an opportunity to introduce themselves to the public for the first time. A young chess player was one of the finalists three years ago and went on to successfully promote her field in the following years by winning competitions. “When I became a finalist in 2018, I was very surprised. The expert panel for the Young Hopes competition helped me realise that I have support even outside of my chess club and the chess federation, which further motivated me. International competitions can be quite expensive, so the support I received made it possible for me to take part in the European Championship. I achieved all three norms, which helped me reach my goal and win an open chess title. I was the first female Slovenian to do so. Chess is not the most popular field, and when I was chosen as one of the Young Hopes, it gave me the opportunity to introduce it to the public,” says Laura Unuk, Grandmaster, commenting on her experience.
Young Hopes develop new skills at Alumni meetings
Zavarovalnica Triglav follows the young hopes and supports them even after the competition finishes. “By financially supporting these talented young individuals, we help them obtain additional services or equipment for their work. But the support doesn’t stop there: every year, we invite young hopes to compete for Zavarovalnica Triglav’s sponsorship. They receive these funds if they are successful both internationally and at home. We remain connected with the talented young hopes through the Young Hopes Alumni meetings, where we organise free courses and workshops that deal with topics important for the development of professional athletes, artists and scientists,” notes Tjaša Kolenc Filipčič, director of the Vse Bo V Redu institute. As this year’s competition comes to an end, the institute would like to extend their gratitude to their partners in the project: the Pro Plus media house, the Adria Media multimedia publishing house, and the companies Europlakat, BTC and RCI Leasing.


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