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Be one of the Young Hopes!

Zavarovalnica Triglav’s competition for gifted young (para)athletes, artists and scientists.

The Zavarovalnica Triglav Foundation for Social Responsibility, Vse bo v redu (“Everything Will Be Fine”), and the Zavarovalnica Triglav insurance company are organising their ninth “Young Hopes” competition, aimed at young talents distinguished by their excellent results, gifts, enthusiasm, vision and focus on the final goal. Young talents have until 14 October to register this year.

By registering for the Young Hopes 2021 competition, talented athletes, creative artists, talented scientists and promising para-athletes can vie for funds that will help them reach their ambitious goals. The competition for funding young talents is being organised by Zavarovalnica Triglav and its Vse bo v redu foundation for the ninth year in a row. Gifted young people aged between 16 and 19 are invited to apply from the fields of sport, para-athletics and art, along with young people engaged in science and scientific research aged between 17 and 20.

Supporting young talents to reach even higher and more ambitious goals
"Financial aid from the Young Hopes project is helping young talents at a time when their career is not yet professional and they do not yet have other sources of funding. During this period, young hopes usually direct this financial aid into areas where they lack funds – athletes use it for appropriate nutrition, massages and home workout equipment, for example, artists for masterclasses with recognised professors abroad, and scientists for literature or more powerful computers," said the director of the Vse bo v redu foundation Tjaša Filipič Kolenc regarding the project’s support and purpose. She also emphasised that this kind of support is key with young people, who can, despite their talent, find themselves at a career crossroads when deciding whether to follow their chosen path or abandon it.

With Young Hopes to the Olympics
Among the young hopes is a successful athlete who was notified and registered for the competition by her mother five years ago. "I registered for the Young Hopes competition because I believed that I had the talent but needed funds to push my career forward," says successful judoka Kara Kajzer regarding her first registration for the competition, "The Young Hopes foundation helped me when I needed outstanding results in individual competitions abroad. There was no way I could have had these important preparations and matches without financial aid. Without them, my professional career as an athlete would have started a year or two later and I doubt I would have progressed enough to qualify for the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.” Thus Kaja explains how the Young Hopes competition helped her qualify for the Olympics where 6 winners of our past competitions participated.

The Young Hopes title for better recognition
To date, Zavarovalnica Triglav’s Vse bo v redu foundation has invested EUR 401,000 in developing 101 young hopes. Besides its financial aid, Zavarovalnica Triglav also offers media coverage for its young hopes. It also follows their progress and helps them after the competition. This it does with alumni meetings and by giving them a chance to obtain sponsorship funds when continuing their successful careers at home and abroad.

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