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Four awards for the Annual Report 2020

The report with the message "Together. At every moment." summarizes the connectedness at every moment

In the competition for the best annual report, organized every year by the Finance newspaper, Zavarovalnica Triglav has again done a great job and received awards in as many as four categories. The Company again received the main award for the best annual report among financial institutions for 2020 and partial awards for the best annual report in business analysis and plans, in the introduction, risk management and corporate governance among financial institutions and in communication.

Zavarovalnica Triglav Annual Report 2020 is dedicated to employees, their exceptional commitment, solidarity and support, which they offered to customers, shareholders, business partners and other stakeholders in the most demanding epidemiological situation last year. The title message of the report "Together. At every moment." sums up the internal connectedness of the Triglav Group, its integration into the community and the building of long-term relations with stakeholders.

The report is integrated and reinforces the non-financial, sustainable (ESG) aspects of business for 2020. The preparation was even more difficult as the company had to prepare it for the first time in the new ESEF format. The work was done successfully, and the report was published within the deadline, specified in the financial calendar of publications, and comparable in time to the previous years. In addition, Zavarovalnica Triglav has preserved the previous practice and published an informal, PDF version of the report and the website. In accordance with their multi-channel principle, the annual report is available to the stakeholders of the Triglav Group at in Slovenian and English language.

The website and the PDF version of this annual report were also highly rewarded by the international jury at the global ARC assessment and the European IADA, however, the domestic recognition has a special value for Triglav.

The competition for the only and most prestigious professional awards in business and financial reporting, which are the platform for the highest standards in the preparation of annual reports, is organized by the Akademija Finance.

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