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Preliminary activities related to the possible issuance of a subordinated bond

Regular activities to manage the Triglav Group's capital and potential for growth and development

As part of the Triglav Group's capital management process, Zavarovalnica Triglav is engaged in activities to potentially issue a new subordinated bond to serve as additional capital (Tier 2), which would be offered to well-informed investors. The Company will decide on the possible issuance after verifying market conditions.

The issuance of bonds is part of the Group's regular capital management activities, which ensure the Company's optimal structure of the capital and its cost efficiency, while also providing an appropriate basis for growth and development. The Group has low gearing, with one subordinated bond currently issued. In accordance with the legislation, it is classified as additional capital (Tier 2) and represents 5% of the Group's own funds eligible to cover the solvency capital requirement.

This information does not constitute a public offer of the bond within the meaning of the Financial Instruments Market Act, nor does it constitute any obligation on the part of the Company to undertake the issue of the bond.

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