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The 2021 Top Hiking Trail to be renovated next year

Due to poor weather conditions, the renovation of the hiking trail leading from the Kranj Lodge on the Ledine Plateau to Mount Koroška Rinka will only be completed in the 2022 season.

At the end of June, the 2021 Top Hiking Trail was selected as part of our Let's Clean Our Mountains campaign, which we organised in cooperation with the Slovenian Alpine Association. This time around, the title went to one of the most demanding trails in the Grintovec group leading to Mount Koroška Rinka from the Kranj Lodge on the Ledine Plateau. The trail's renovation was planned to be completed this summer, when trailblazers from the Kranj Alpine Club carried out basic maintenance, which also included marking and cleaning the trail. However, in addition to this it is also necessary to thoroughly renovate the wire ropes and reroute a smaller section of the trail in its upper part. The specialist trailblazing team at the Slovenian Alpine Association first planned to renovate the wire ropes at the end of August, but then had to reschedule it to September. Both times they were stopped by bad weather, which prevented them from carrying out their work safely on highly exposed terrain. Therefore, they had to postpone the project until the 2022 season, with the trail remaining closed in the meantime.

You will find more information on this year's winner of the Top Hiking Trail competition in the press release that you can access at this link.

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