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Triglav Run attracts more than 1,800 visitors

Runners at the 11th Triglav Run covered a total of more than 10,000 kilometres at Brdo pri Kranju, all in a good cause

At the 11th Triglav Run, which was held on Saturday 9 September, more than 1,800 runners and visitors helped to create an unforgettable sporting and social event at Brdo pri Kranju. Runners of all generations took part in six running challenges surrounded by lovely countryside and in the company of top athletes. Alongside just the right amount of competition, they also ran for a good cause this year – better neonatal care. The organisers are also keen to use the event to encourage people to adopt healthier lifestyles, and make a point of emphasising the project’s sustainability.

At the 11th Triglav Run, runners of all ages and levels of fitness took part in the half-marathon, 5 and 10 km runs, the trio relay race, the family run and the “Kuža Pazi” children’s run. Together they covered a total of over 10,000 kilometres.

The best time over 5 km in the women’s race was 0:22:39, recorded by Laura Đorđević Betetto, while Dino Grbič was the best of the men at 0:18:01. Saša Pisk took the honours in the women’s 10 km (0:38:07), with Primož Kobe coming in first in the men’s competition with a time of 0:31:38. The winners of the half-marathon, the day’s longest event were Petra Forjanič in the women’s race (1:31:36) and Domen Hafner in the men’s race (1:11:55).

Runners cheered on by 14 top athletes
Every year, the Triglav Run is supported by a large number of the country’s top athletes. “Running through the natural surroundings of the Brdo estate is inspiring – balm for body and soul. Sporting events in surroundings like this are a rarity and, at the same time, a message about how important outdoor exercise is for our health. The Triglav Run is a lovely combination of social gathering and charity event, with proceeds going to improving neonatal care. If I’d known how great it was, I would have taken part in the Triglav Run before this,” said ski jumper Timi Zajc, who was there for the first time.
Joining him by the tracks and in the finishing straight to cheer on the runners were several other top athletes, including Nika Križnar, Jakov Fak, Cene Prevc, Peter Prevc, Žan Košir, Rok Marguč, Robi Kogovšek, and members of the Cedevita Olimpija and Krka basketball teams. The event was further enhanced by the musical rhythms of Samuel Lucas & The Groove Station and the acrobatic group Dunking Devils.

More than just a running event
The Triglav Run is not just a chance to test your fitness against the clock. “This is much more than just a running event. It is an event that promotes healthy lifestyles, and brings together love for sport and nature and concern for the most vulnerable in our society. Through sport, the runners show the importance of vision, goals, preparedness and persistence. Equipped with those characteristics, we find it easier to gather our strength and cast our eyes forward to the other challenges we encounter in our everyday lives,” said Tjaša Kolenc Filipčič, director of marketing communications at Zavarovalnica Triglav.

Triglav are keen to use the event to promote healthy lifestyles and exercise, which make an important contribution to strengthening one’s psychophysical health. Exercising in natural surroundings, the hallmark of the Triglav Run, has a calming effect on one’s health and well-being.

Nature is also linked to sustainability, which is something the organisers are keen to stress, as the Triglav Run helps to realise the goals of the Securing the Future project and is part of Zavarovalnica Triglav’s sustainable operations. The runners were also able to help themselves to some hot, locally produced food, and the paper meal voucher for the meal contained herb seeds for home cultivation. Drinks were served in reusable glasses against payment of a small deposit and, as always, the organisers and visitors made every effort to leave the Brdo pri Kranju countryside estate as spotless as they found it.

The Triglav Run is traditionally devoted to helping the most vulnerable members of our society, and Zavarovalnica Triglav have for a number of years passed on the proceeds of the event to healthcare institutions. As in previous years, the proceeds from participation will go to Slojenčki, an organisation that works towards ensuring good neonatal health. The event raised EUR 10,000, which will be used to purchase phototherapy pads.

11th Triglav Run in numbers

    11 years of the Triglav Run = almost 16,500 runners
    16,500 runners = 126,000 km run
    1:25:56 = the best time by a female runner in the 21 km event in all 11 years of the run
    1:10:34 = the best time by a male runner in the 21 km event in all 11 years of the run
    11 years of the Triglav Run = almost 3,000 children who have taken part in the “Kuža Pazi” run
    11th Triglav Run = 14 Slovenian athletes (ambassadors) encouraging the runners
    11th Triglav Run = EUR 10,000 for the Slojenčki Society
    11 years of the Triglav Run = almost EUR 170,000 in donations to healthcare institutions
    11th Triglav Run = 1,600 hot meals featuring locally produced food

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