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Walk safely on the Best Mountain Trail 2022

One of the most beautiful mountain trails running from the Koča na Gozdu mountain hut to Prisojnik in the Julian Alps has been restored

One of Slovenia's longest and most challenging mountain trails, the Hanza Trail, which leads from the Koča na Gozdu mountain hut to Prisojnik, or Prisank as it is known locally, has been renovated. But in order to be able to walk it safely, hikers should prepare themselves for this high-mountain challenge, stresses the team of six trail markers from the Alpine Association of Slovenia (PZS), which renovated it with the support of Zavarovalnica Triglav and after preparatory works carried out by the Kranjska Gora Alpine Club (PD).

Jurij Videc, who headed the renovation, explains: “Because the team we assembled was already well established, we all knew who had to do what: one part of the team transported materials and tools, two members laid out the trail, and two members were in charge of the construction. First, we worked on the pitch above the fork for the Kopiščar Trail below Turn, and then we moved into the ravine, where we moved the vertical trail in front of the snowfield. This was followed by the reconstruction of the lower pitch above the sign for the Hanza Wall, where we also replaced the original 1926 pegs and steel cable. This work was all completed last year. This year we then finished the work by fixing the pitch at the top of Prisojnik.”

Reconstruction in numbers
On the trail that received the most votes from hikers in the Best Mountain Trail competition last year, the trail markers replaced 90 metres of steel cable, 25 rope pins and two footpegs. In addition, 10 double footpegs and 14 ladder rungs were reinstalled. In this way, the highly dedicated volunteers have ensured that mountain visitors can once again set out more safely on this beautiful but extremely challenging route.

Volunteers who keep the trails well-maintained and safe
The Hanza Trail to Prisojnik, where hikers will experience a change in altitude of 1,350 metres, has been restored under the auspices of the Best Mountain Trail competition. With this Zavarovalnica Triglav, as part of the Let’s Clean Up Our Mountains campaign and in cooperation with PZS, is striving to promote the work of the trail markers, who are dedicated to keeping Slovenian mountain trails well maintained and safe. “By clearing, marking and upkeeping Slovenian mountain trails, the trail markers help make all hikers considerably safer. This is why we at Zavarovalnica Triglav have been supporting their efforts for the sixth year running, while at the same time we have been raising awareness among mountain and hiking enthusiasts about how they can take care of their safety on mountain trails," said Ana Cergolj Kebler, head of the Let’s Clean Up Our Mountains campaign at Zavarovalnica Triglav, on the occasion of the renovation.

This year’s Best Mountain Trail winner is also awaiting restoration
While the Hanza Trail received the most votes from the public in the Best Mountain Trail competition last year, this year’s winner is the trail stretching between the Brana and Planjava peaks. It will be restored by seven trail markers from the Kamnik Alpine Club, including members of the PZS technical team of trail markers, with the support of Zavarovalnica Triglav. In line with the current situation, the freshening up of the markings along the entire trail and the replacement of the wire ropes on the exposed sections are expected to be carried out in the coming year on this extremely popular and well-visited mountain trail.

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