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When you voluntarily decide to repeat the driving test

In the campaign entitled: Do the driving test again - an opportunity to test your driving for free in six cities and towns in Slovenia

Over 200 people who have been drivers for many years have tested their practical driving skills as part of the Do the driving test again campaign in eight different cities and towns in Slovenia. Less than a quarter of the drivers would successfully pass the driving test. This year, Slovenia’s largest insurer is continuing this successful campaign. Drivers will be able to test their driving skills under the watchful and expert eye of driving instructors at the end of summer in five new cities and towns in Slovenia and again in Ljubljana.

Nova Gorica, Postojna, Trbovlje, Murska Sobota, Krško and Slovenia’s capital. There will be 190 available time slots in these cities and towns from 25 August to 14 September as part of the Do the driving test again campaign. Drivers may apply to try the driving test again here, either on their own, or they can also invite along a friend. In the company of an AMZS driving instructor they will test their driving skills. The driving instructor will declare one of the two the winner.

This year having done the driving test will also qualify you for a golden ticket to enter the prize draw for a drive with our best rally driver Rok Turk. He will first take two prize draw winners for a drive with his competition car, then he will accompany them as they themselves try driving a custom-built sports car in a safe environment.

“All racing drivers drive fast only on roads that are closed and secured. This attractive drive, which awaits the winners, is a good demonstration of why normal cars are not meant to be driven at excessively high speeds. Only after you have sat in a true racing car and been driven by a professional racing driver do you understand why driving wildly on normal roads is so dangerous and actually pointless,” said Slovenia’s best rally driver.

Always a winning duo in the company of a driving instructor
The ongoing theme of this Triglav campaign remains safety as this is of paramount importance for rally drivers who are masters of dynamic driving. It is closely linked with the preventive note of “Do the driving test again”.

“Drivers finish our campaign drives with broad smiles – regardless of whether they passed the test or not. Together with the driving instructor they always make up a winning duo because they improve a part of themselves. The aim of the campaign is therefore not just to pass the test but we have so far helped numerous experienced drivers to correct their ingrained mistakes and master changes on the road,” said Ana Cergolj Kebler, head of road safety projects at Zavarovalnica Triglav about the aims of the campaign. Highway codes and infrastructure keep changing while most drivers do not refresh their knowledge. will help drivers gain new knowledge
All who will apply to Do the driving test again, will find help on the website It has an interesting way of helping drivers keep track of changes in traffic, master new road signs, rules and situations which most frequently cause us trouble, e.g. roundabouts. Practise has shown that those drivers who have prepared for the driving test by solving road-traffic rules (CPP) tests at, have performed better on their driving challenge.

Already almost 120 systems and innovations for more safety on the road
For several years now, Slovenia’s largest insurer Zavarovalnica Triglav has been organising various activities to improve the Slovenian road safety statistic. In order to increase safety on road sections that are dangerous and where visibility is poor, 81 speed indicator displays and 24 COPS@ROAD anti-collision systems, along with the same number of COPS@RAIL systems for alerting drivers of oncoming trains, have been installed in Slovenia. This year 12 innovative COPS@zebra systems will also be set up which warn pedestrians of oncoming vehicles and their speed. By the end of autumn, Slovenia will therefore have a total of 117 different systems for more road safety.

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