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Young Hopes 2022

The Vse bo v redu charitable foundation and Zavarovalnica Triglav support 13 new talents

The latest list of young talented individuals from the worlds of sport, para-sport, science and the arts has been revealed. They will receive funding to make it easier for them to develop their talents. A panel of experts and the general public have once again selected 13 promising young people as part of the Young Hopes charitable campaign, which is now in its tenth year and is organised jointly by the Vse bo v redu foundation and Zavarovalnica Triglav.

The Young Hopes 2022 in sport, para-sport, the arts and science are:

1. Rahela Češarek, bassoonist
2. Erazem Žganjar, flautist
3. Maša Majcen, flautist
4. Nina Pavšek, clarinettist
5. Bor Artnak, tennis player
6. Neža Colja, competitive dancer
7. Alen Bečirević, para table tennis player
8. Ali Botonjić, taekwondist and kickboxer
9. Monika Bartol, triathlete
10. Jana Dremelj, rower
11. Marija Judež, natural sciences researcher
12. Patrik Žnidaršič, mathematician, chemist and programmer
13. Anej Gorenjak, trumpeter (chosen by the public)

More than 50 talented young people who need additional support for further success despite the remarkable achievements they have already accomplished applied for the Young Hopes 2022 competition. This extremely positive and forward-looking project, now in its tenth year, is aimed at promising athletes, creative artists, talented and inquisitive scientists, and your para-athletes who are yet to reach their full potential and therefore have fewer opportunities to compete for professional or sponsorship funds to develop their talent. By including para-athletes, who demonstrate incredible will and commitment, Vse bo v redu, Triglav’s foundation for socially responsible activities, which runs the competition, further upgraded the project concept a few years ago to make it easier for an even wider circle of “young hopes” to develop their potentials and future careers.

“The Young Hopes project rewards young people who are committed to their work and aims to provide them with tangible support and help in developing their knowledge, ambitions and talent. Every year we’re amazed at these young people of exceptional talent who are developing new breakthrough ideas and at their exceptional results, and who, together with their mentor or trainer, have clearly defined the goals that they wish to achieve in the coming years. We believe that every support to these talented young people brings added value to the whole of society tomorrow,” says Tjaša Kolenc Filipčič, director of Vse bo v redu, which has so far invested half a million euros in the development of 127 young talents.

The panel, which comprises eight eminent experts from the fields of the arts, science, education, sport and business, compiled a shortlist of finalists from the candidates that applied to the competition. From this shortlist, they selected 12 young people who will receive financial support. One was selected by general public vote to receive funding to make it easier for them to realise their sporting, scientific or artistic dreams and goals.

“When I was training young athletes at Radovljica athletic club, which I did for several years, I came face to face with the incredible commitment, persistence and clear goals of promising individuals. These are characteristics that this generation of young hopes can also boast. The members of the expert panel first placed them on a shortlist; this was followed by a second round in which we selected this year’s recipients of financial support. I believe that the stories of these great talents, strong will and effort, as well as the problems that young people, their parents, mentors and coaches face will, in the years to come, blossom into new sporting, artistic and scientific achievements of which we can all be proud,” said Brigita Langerholc Žager, former top athlete, Olympian, Bloudek award winner and one of the members of the expert panel.

Winning the Young Hopes competition doesn’t only bring financial funds that enable purchasing the (sorely) needed equipment and attending national and international competitions and trainings, but also provides the chance to access additional services that will give an additional boost to the realisation of the Young Hopes’ dreams. For many young people who go on to become a Young Hope, this competition is the first opportunity to present their talent to the general public. In addition, talented individuals become and stay connected with one another and Zavarovalnica Triglav through the Young Hopes alumni meetings. Zavarovalnica Triglav encourages them to apply to the competition for additional financial funds intended for sponsorship beneficiaries who are successful internationally.

In addition to the Vse bo v redu Institute and Zavarovalnica Triglav, this year’s Young Hopes programme was supported by POP TV, Europlakat, BTC, Delo, Adriamedia and Renault Storitve.

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