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Together for traffic safety

Local community is placed at the centre of our concern for greater traffic safety. We enable municipalities to obtain innovative intelligent road signs that effectively reduce the number of traffic accidents and their consequences.

Almost half of traffic accidents in Slovenia occur in settlements. The consequences of in this respect are financial (material damage, costs of treatment and adjustment to living with injury), and have a major impact on the quality of life of road accident participants and their relatives. The main reasons for the occurrence of traffic accidents are unadjusted speed and blind and unobservable road sections. Advanced signs that alert drivers to danger has proven to be effective; however, they are financially inaccessible or difficult to obtain for many municipalities.


Broad partnership

Car insurance has the largest share in the structure of the premium of Zavarovalnica Triglav, which is why increasing safety on Slovenian roads is one of its key commitments. Thus it operates in line with the company’s mission (“Provide a safer future”) and with its business goals.


We are aware that drivers can be most effectively addressed on the road of their commute, which is also the road their children go to school. That is why we have placed the local community at the centre of a broad partnership for increased traffic safety in Slovenia and approached the known problem in a different, innovative way.


Innovation for safety

Through the Innovation in the Field of Safety call, we have concluded a partnership with the COPS systems company, and later with Sipronika - the manufacturers of advanced digital traffic signs, which have developed intelligent systems to prevent the most pressing causes of accidents. Together with them, we invited municipalities, and within them, individual key groups: the principals of elementary schools, local police, media, athletic ambassadors, to join the partnership.


78 critical points fewer

In three seasons, we have placed a total of 42 speed indicators, 24 COPS@road collision avoidance systems and 12 COPS@rail systems for warning of the risk of train arrival at points, protected only with the Andrej Cross, at which a railway line intersects a road at a level crossing across Slovenian municipalities. We have cooperated with more than a third of Slovenian municipalities in order to improve traffic safety. We have placed the systems in cooperation with the municipalities, namely, we prepared an invitation for municipalities offering co-financing of systems in the amount of 40% to 60% of the value.


How successful have we been?


Goals:                                                                                                 Result:


Reduce the proportion of speeders by 5% (2016/2017)

Goal exceeded: In the second season, the total share of speeders dropped by 5.4%. At the locations where additional communication measures were carried out (billboard posters), the share of speeders decreased by 7.3%.
Reduce the number of road accidents by 50% (2015/2017) Goal exceeded: On average, the number of accidents in connection with 12 systems, for which we have already carried out measurements, was reduced by 80%. We even managed to fully prevent accidents at some locations We will carry out measurements for other systems one year after the last system was installed.


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