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Triglav Group Investor Presentation

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2018 Preliminary Results

According to unaudited data, Triglav Group booked EUR 1,068 million in insurance premium, which was 7% more than the year before, and achieved profit before tax of EUR 97.5 million (index 115). Premium growth was recorded in all insurance markets and segments (non-life insurance, life insurance including pension insurance and health insurance). The Group with high “A” credit ratings strengthened its leading position in the region.


Andrej Slapar, President of the Management Board of Zavarovalnica Triglav: “The year 2018 was successful. According to unaudited data, profit before tax amounted to EUR 97.5 million or 15% more than the year before. It was planned between EUR 80 and 90 million, but that was outperformed mainly thanks to the high premium growth, favourable claim ratio and several one-off events, which mostly occurred in Q4 2018.”


More information in 2018 Preliminary Results of Triglav Group and Investor presentation.


Market Maker of Triglav’s Share

Zavarovalnica Triglav entered into an agreement with the LJSE member firm InterCapital Securities, which will perform the market-making service for the ZVTG share. The provision of the market-making service will start on 1 February 2019. This new service complements other investor relations activities that are systematically performed by Zavarovalnica Triglav. Andrej Slapar, President of the Management Board of Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d. commented: “Triglav systematically performs a series of investor relations activities with the aim to further increase the liquidity of our shares and create additional value for our shareholders. Our endeavours will now be supported by the market-making service for our shares. Until recently, this service was not performed on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and we are pleased that the member firm InterCapital Securities will now provide it to us.”

Business Plan 2019 and Revised Strategy

Andrej Slapar, President of the Management Board of Zavarovalnica Triglav:Our guideline of growth and development has been strategically set and we believe it is the right one and we will not change it. The strategy has been revised particularly with the aim of defining the main focus of the Group’s operations even more clearly. The team of over 5,000 employees in the region is connected by the values of responsiveness, simplicity and reliability. We are entering 2019 with optimism and energy to continue developing the culture of engagement and our focus on the client, with the aim of achieving profitable and financially sound operations.


More information in Plan for 2019 and Strategy 2019 – 2022.


Triglav Analyst Conference

On 21 June 2018 Zavarovalnica Triglav held an analyst conference on Triglav Group under Solvency II in 2017 at the Triglav LAB innovation center. For more information see the attached presentation.