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Triglav Group Strategy for the 2017–2020 and Plan for 2017

Through its vision, values and strategic objectives, the Triglav Group has set out on a clear path to become a modern, innovative and dynamic insurance/financial group, firmly remaining the leader both in Slovenia and the wider region.


The vision of the Triglav Group for 2020 is the dynamic development of new ways of business as the foundation of the Group’s responsible long-term development, while at the same time operating profitably and safely. The Group’s mission is BUILDING A SAFER FUTURE for its stakeholders, while being committed to responsible and sustainable development. The cornerstone of the Group is its team of over five thousand employees, who achieve the Group’s mission through their commitment, expertise and dedication. They are connected by the common values incorporated into the Triglav Group’s culture: safety, responsibility, professionalism, simplicity and modernity.


The core strategic activities of the Group are insurance and asset management. At the end of the strategic period, the Triglav Group will be the leading provider of innovative and comprehensive insurance-service products and asset management on the existing markets in South-East Europe. In the long-term the core insurance business will be profitable, whilst the average target combined ratio in non-life insurance will be around 95%. The return on equity (ROE) of the Group will surpass 10% in 2020. The Group will ensure effective and comprehensive management of risks, cost-effectiveness, its financial stability and appropriate capital adequacy. The Group will maintain its “A” credit ratings. Apart from that, the criteria of the dividend policy and the capital management guidelines will remain unchanged.


The Group will continue to operate in six countries of South-East Europe, where it will grow organically, however potential takeovers are not ruled out should an appropriate opportunity present itself. Digital business models will be developed, which will enable the Triglav Group to enter the markets outside the existing region. The Group will build strategic partnerships with the companies whose activities complement its business model.


The Triglav Group Business Plan for 2017:  In 2017, the Group’s operations will continue to be financially sound and profitable, earning profit before tax of EUR 70–80 million. In 2017, the Group plans to book around EUR 930 million in consolidated gross written premium (vs. approximately EUR 900 million planned for 2016), the combined ratio of the Triglav Group is planned at around 95%.


Andrej Slapar, President of the Management Board of Zavarovalnica Triglav:We are entering the next strategic period with ambitious and clearly defined objectives. We see ourselves as a modern digital insurance/financial group, holding the leading position in the region and being known for its numerous competitive advantages. These advantages will be further strengthened. With this in mind, we wish to maintain financially stable and profitable operations, pursue sustainable development goals and in this way act responsibly towards our shareholders, employees, local communities and environment in general. In 2017 we will actively implement projects with the aim of achieving our strategic guidelines and objectives.”



Triglav Group Receives Gold Plaque for Best Investor Relations in 2016 in Adria region

As many as 25 companies participated in the selection of the company with the best investor relations, which were also participants of the 6th Regional Investment Conference organised by the Belgrade Stock Exchange and the WOOD & Company investment bank. The analysis was performed based on the 35 selection criteria of openness of the companies to the investing public. The expert jury of the Belgrade Stock Exchange, which was composed of four analysts and a university professor, analysed the obtained results and decided to award the 2016 Gold Plaque for Best Investor Relations to Triglav Group. More info …