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Changes should be taken as a challenge.

Tanja Rožič Saksida

Changes should be taken as a challenge.

Senior Insurance Sales Officer

Company: Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d.
Education: Bachelor of Economics
Hometown: Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Employed in the Triglav Group since:


Hobbies and interests: singing, cooking, going for walks, working outdoors
I like working for a renowned and stable company with tradition. And it has been like this for over 20 years. I started gaining work experience as a Zavarovalnica Triglav scholarship recipient during a holiday internship in the area of Nova Gorica. After graduating from high school, I was employed as a trainee in the Subrogation Department.

Changes are a part of life and they always bring new challenges. In Triglav, I have faced many. I have had the opportunity to get to know different fields of work in Triglav. I have worked in life, health and accident insurance sales, and for a while I also headed that department. In the past few years I have been a senior insurance sales officer in the corporate insurance sales department.

The tradition, stability and visibility of the Triglav Group, as well as trust and optimism regarding Triglav’s future inspire me and push me forward. Permanent employment, good relationships with colleagues and clients, flexible working hours and the possibility of further education and training mean a lot to me as well. I think that a balanced private life is also very important as a necessary factor for success in professional life. It can be a source of energy and inspiration for the ever new and additional work challenges.

Where to look for new challenges? One must always aspire to success and progress – this is why I have decided to continue my education. Triglav responded favourably and I am proud that in 2003 I obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics.

In the future I wish to continue with sales-related work. Nowadays, changes are a constant, but they always bring something good as well.