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It is better to give than to receive.

Latin proverb

A clear ethical orientation

The Triglav Group strives to make corporate social responsibility part of every step of its business, since it is one of its key values and serves as a strategic guideline.
230 Kilograms of Trash from Pohorje at the Start of the Season

Saturday was the start of the seventh season of the traditional all-Slovenian environmental action Clean our Mountains. More than 400 hikers gathered near the Luka cottage above Maribor and together we managed to remove about 230 kilograms of trash from the Pohorje Mountains. More

The Children of Triglav in their new playgrounds

"My mom used to play on this playground when she was in kindergarten, but now this is ours," said a pupil of one of the Slovenian elementary schools in a video that we received before launching the Children of Triglav campaign. More

For the Triglav Group, responsibility to the social environment represents the basis of sustainable development, therefore Triglav tries to live actively with the environment in which it operates and contribute to positive changes for both people and the natural environment. The Triglav Group is convinced that responsible dialogue is the right path towards common growth and tries to recognise the needs of the environment and to respond to such by building long-term partnerships which ensure mutual progress. It sees ensuring safety as a great responsibility. Therefore, knowledge and solutions which protect life, property, nature and health are most precious to the Group.

Zavarovalnica Triglav is a member of the Institute for the Development of Corporate Social Responsibility (IRDO).

The characteristics of reporting on sustainable development

The starting point for reporting on the sustainable development of the Triglav Group and Zavarovalnica Triglav is the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G3), which served as the basis for the preparation of this text. Data are collected by the specialised departments of the parent company, which, as the entity in charge of reporting, reports on all aspects of sustainable development. In subsidiaries, data collection in accordance with GRI guidelines will gradually be introduced. Where indicators are already monitored at the level of the Group, reports are accordingly prepared at the level of the parent company.

Sustainable development reports, based on the corporate social responsibility of the Group, are produced annually, for both the previous business year and the current calendar year simultaneously. A report for 2009 was published in April 2010. The Sustainable Development Report forms part of the Triglav Group Annual Report. The topics in the report were selected with due consideration of their relevance and importance for summarising the objectives and effects Athe sustainable development of the Triglav Group. There were no changes in the data provided in previous reports which affected the current state of affairs.