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It is better to give than to receive.

Latin proverb

A clear ethical orientation

The Triglav Group strives to make corporate social responsibility part of every step of its business, since it is one of its key values and serves as a strategic guideline.
Together for traffic safety

Local community is placed at the centre of our concern for greater traffic safety. We enable municipalities to obtain innovative intelligent road signs that effectively reduce the number of traffic accidents and their consequences. More

Clean Up Our Mountains

Slovenia has 10 thousand kilometres of mountain trails, and every third Slovenian is a mountaineer. The initiative “Clean Up Our Mountains” brings together more than 36,000 ambassadors of clean mountains and unspoiled nature. Our motto is: Apart from nice memories, you should also take your waste into the valley. More

Young Hopes

Young talented athletes, artists and scientists need support and help at a time when they do not yet have the “elite” title. The development of young talents from all areas is crucial for the future of the society, and Young Hopes provide the answer in this respect. More

For a better tomorrow

In the case of a house on fire, a flooded river, an earthquake, cardiac arrest, the quick and self-sacrificing assistance of firefighters, health services, mountain rescuers and others is of crucial importance. With the For A Better Tomorrow campaign, we help to prevent accidents and support those who are first to provide help in moments of distress. More