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“The relationships we have with the world are largely determined by the relationships we have with ourselves.”

Greg Anderson

High operational standards

The Triglav Group builds its activities on responsible operations based on trust. This is ensured by approaching all stakeholders in an ethical, professional and expert manner. The high competences of the Group’s employees, the development of the profession and its code of ethics, as well as its firm, stable and safe investments guarantee long-term progress.

In the Triglav Group, responsible operations are understood as a broad economic, legal, ethical and environmental responsibility. Of crucial importance are relationships with clients and business partners, which can be successfully formed and upgraded only by ensuring respect for differences, tolerance, proper relations with employees and appreciation of their work.
The foundations of the responsible operations of the Triglav Group are determined in its Code of Good Business Practices, which is a tool that will help all employees reflect and ask themselves whether their actions are moral, responsible and respectful.