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Clean Up Our Mountains – mountain trails for future generations

Slovenia has 10 thousand kilometres of mountain trails, and every third Slovenian is a mountaineer. The initiative “Clean Up Our Mountains” brings together more than 36,000 ambassadors of clean mountains and unspoiled nature. Our motto is: Apart from nice memories, you should also take your waste into the valley.

Over the past nine years, we have collected over 29 tonnes of waste in the mountains; and placed waste collection bags at 78 most visited points of medium mountain regions and high mountain ranges.

Marking the 240th anniversary of the first ascent of Triglav we cleaned the Triglavski Podi area, which is situated in the heart of Triglav National Park. Several dozen volunteers, climbers and experienced hikers joined forces despite the snow to clean up the surroundings of the Triglavski Dom na Kredarici mountain hut, as well as the wider Triglav glacier area and its more difficult-to-reach sections, where rubbish had built up over decades. Among the items found were the remains of aircraft wreckage, lost helicopter cargo and a New Year’s garland.

The Clean Up Our Mountains movement / campaign is more than just clean mountains. We build on three pillars of education in order to provide that a trip to the mountains is responsible to nature and our fellow men, safe and pleasant.

9 highlights for 9 seasons of the Clean Up Our Mountains campaign

  1. In nine years, mountaineers have collected more than 29 tonnes of waste - 1 tonne in the last year. The waste we bring to the valley is separately deposited in containers.
  2. Each year, we provided garbage bags to more than 78 mountain huts. Each bag holds 3 kg of waste.
  3. Over the course of nine years, the campaign has gained over 36,000 ambassadors, who actively co-create a community of clean mountain lovers on social networks. We meet at group clean-up operations, where we promote intergenerational cooperation.
  4. There are 700 trail blazers in Slovenia, which means that on average each is responsible for approx. 10 km of hiking trails. We want to give their dedicated work recognition; therefore, we select the Best mountain trail, and reward the mountaineering society that is responsible for it.
  5. We support mountaineering societies in the renewal of trails that are damaged due to wind, sleet and other natural phenomena. Therefore, we call for the co-financing in the framework of the Mountain Trails for Future Generations campaign.
  6. We like to read mountains. That is why we have equipped 10 mountain huts with Clean Up Our Mountains book shelves, on which good manners are also presented. Because you can recognise a good hiker by their greeting and smile.
  7. Each year, mountain rescuers of the Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia carry out more than 500 interventions. The Clean Up Our Mountains campaign financially supports the development of the sarOS programme, which helps them to locate injured persons faster and thus reduce the time before professional medical care is provided. Together we also prepare awareness-raising topics.
  8. Hikers welcomed the website www.ocistimogore.si, which published 67 family trip proposals over three seasons – all are tested, carefully selected and adapted to families with (young) children.
  9. We cleaned the highest Slovenian Triglav glacier and its surroundings where we geathered 380 kilos of rubbish.


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