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For a better tomorrow

In the case of a house on fire, a flooded river, an earthquake, cardiac arrest, the quick and self-sacrificing assistance of firefighters, health services, mountain rescuers and others is of crucial importance. With the For A Better Tomorrow campaign, we help to prevent accidents and support those who are first to provide help in moments of distress.

Have you ever worried about nearby watercourses upon the forecast showing heavy rain? You are not the only one One in thirteen Slovenes regularly feel this kind of distress. There are many more people, who will surely be endangered by serious floods at least once during your lifetime. It is similar with the risk of fire and earthquake.


The first reaction - the right reaction

In the event of casualties and incidents, the right response of the person affected is crucial in addition to the prompt, professional assistance of suitably qualified and equipped intermediaries. Therefore, our mission is to raise awareness about how to act when unforeseen situations occur. In-depth stories in this respect, which provide appropriate first reactions, thus reducing the possibility of damage to property and risk to life, are being prepared in an interactive, interesting way. In the event of flood, earthquake in fire.


First to help

The For A Better Tomorrow campaign brings together more than 90 gestures of help to those who are first to provide help in the local community. In the past, we have helped many firefighting societies across the country, co-financed the purchase of defibrillators and various complex medical devices, and supported a number of other projects in the field of health, civil protection, development and child safety, and flood and road safety.


In the case of cardiac arrest, every second matters

A well-covered network of publicly accessible defibrillators is crucial especially in small and remote local communities, where the road to the first healthcare centre is long and winding. Over the past years, we have purchased or co-financed 48 defibrillators; furthermore, we raise awareness on how to save lives by using a defibrillator. With the how well you know the basics of first aid test we can check the level of your first aid knowledge.


When you are being cut out of the vehicle

“I have learned that it is better to avoid pressing hard on the gas pressure than to cause a situation when so many people had to care for your life and health,” says Cene Prevc ski jumper, who attended the fire drill of professional firefighters, who have cut him out from a damaged vehicle. The innovative mobile DRAJV application, which accompanies the drive, scores it, and provides discount in car insurance to responsible drivers, also promotes a responsible drive.


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