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Bond issue

Zavarovalnica Triglav issued subordinate bond in 2019, as part of the Group’s regular capital management, which ensures its optimal capital structure and cost-effectiveness. See the table for more information.

ISIN   XS1980276858
Type   Subordinated bond (Tier 2 pursuant to the Solvency II regulations)
Nominal value in EUR   100,000
Issue size in EUR   50,000,000
Number of bonds issued   500  
Currency   EUR
Coupon and coupon payment   4.375% fixed coupon p.a. until First Call Date, thereafter quarterly floating equal to 3mEuribor + 4.845% (equal to the original initial credit spread + 100bps step-up)
First call date   22 October 2029
Maturity date   22 October 2049
Maturity in years   30.5


Bonds constitute unsecured subordinated obligations of the Issuer

Regulated market   Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Issue Rating   BBB+(S&P)
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