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Proactive and integrated communications
Proactive and integrated communications

The guiding principle of the Triglav Group is comprehensive and active communication with all of its stakeholders. The focus is on fair and balanced two-way communication in order to ensure responsible dialogue with the environment.


The Triglav Group endeavours to answer questions from the media in a professional, precise and timely fashion. To this end, data are acquired from specialised departments of the Triglav Group. The time required to collect this information depends on the complexity of the question and the availability of the experts. Therefore journalists are kindly requested to take into account that their questions will be answered after 24 hours from the receipt of the question at the earliest (or the following working day in the case of bank holidays or non-working days) and within seven working days at the latest.

Latest news

Junction of Ljubljanska cesta and Kranjska cesta in Radovljica now safer thanks to the COPS@road warning system

The Municipality of Radovljica, in cooperation with Zavarovalnica Triglav and Aktivna Signalizacija Korun (A.s.K), has installed a COPS@road warning system at the junction of Ljubljanska cesta and Kranjska cesta. The system uses flashing lights to warn drivers that they are approaching the junction, and alerts them to the presence of other road users. At today’s symbolic inauguration of the system, Radovljica mayor Ciril Globočnik emphasised that this was a positive contribution to improving the safety of road users at a busy junction. More

Somewhere for the Children of Triglav to play in Dolnje Ležeče

The village of Dolnje Ležeče is one children’s playground richer this week after the opening of an educational play area aimed at stimulating children’s creativity and sense of adventure. The playground, featuring a pine-shaded nature discovery area, was supported by Zavarovalnica Triglav as part of its Children of Triglav campaign, in collaboration with the Municipality of Divača. More

Calmer traffic in the City Municipality of Slovenj Gradec

As part of its efforts to improve road safety, particularly for children – the most vulnerable road users, the City Municipality of Slovenj Gradec, in conjunction with traffic information systems specialists Sipronika and Zavarovalnica Triglav, has installed an MHP50 radar speed display in the vicinity of the Sele Vrhe branch school/nursery school. Traffic on the Slovenj Gradec–Kotlje road will be safer from now on. The speed display is part of the nationwide project Calming Traffic Together, which will see 19 municipalities around Slovenia actively introducing traffic calming measures in the vicinity of schools and nurseries and along school routes, with the help of funding from Slovenia's biggest insurance company. Municipalities where these speed displays are already in place are already seeing an improvement in terms of traffic calming. More