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A modern playhouse for the children of the Kapca Local Community

Zavarovalnica Triglav has been supporting the renovation of children’s playgrounds across Slovenia for eleven years

With modern playground equipment, children can play safely and at the same time develop motor skills and strengthen their physical and mental health. As part of the Children of Triglav campaign, a social responsibility project run by Zavarovalnica Triglav, and in cooperation with the Kapca Local Community, Slovenia’s largest insurance company enabled the purchase and set up of a new playhouse in the playground, which is the 51st children’s playground to have seen upgrading through Triglav’s assistance.

Playgrounds are key spaces in which children explore the world, familiarise themselves with outdoor play and develop their motor skills. With the aim of making playgrounds safe, Zavarovalnica Triglav’s Children of Triglav campaign brings joy to children and their parents by opening and renovating playgrounds all across Slovenia, ensuring carefree and safe outdoor play for the eleventh year running.

For the quality use of leisure time
Late last year, a fun playhouse complete with a slide and a children’s climbing wall was set up by the community hall in Kapca. “By setting up the playhouse, we made it possible for children living in the countryside to play on modern playground equipment, which is an indispensable part of any city park and playground. In the Children of Triglav campaign, we strive to renovate existing or set up new environments in which children can enjoy their free time in a fun and high-quality manner. We are glad to be able to invest in the future by supporting this type of project, as we believe such investments always pay off,“ said Sandi Štefan Flisar, Director of Zavarovalnica Triglav’s Murska Sobota regional office.

A space to develop social and motor skills
“I am very pleased with the brand-new addition in the Kapca Local Community. This updated and safe children’s playground, with the latest equipment and well-appointed play area, will encourage children to engage in physical activity, which is a foundation of a young person’s all-round development, and will motivate them to spend time outdoors, which can present quite a challenge given the omnipresence of screens of all types. The playground will provide opportunities to improve the children’s fitness and for them to have lots of fun in the process. I would like to thank all the donors who helped realise this project,“ said Janez Magyar, Mayor of the Municipality of Lendava, upon the unveiling of the new playground.

And that’s not all!
This year, ten more renovated playgrounds will be opened by Slovenia’s largest insurer as part of the Children of Triglav project. The aim is to enable children to enjoy an even safer, happier and more play-filled childhood.

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