Family-Friendly Company certificate

Since December 2012, Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d. has held the Family-Friendly Company certificate, awarded by the Ekvilib Institute. After obtaining the basic and then the full certificate, we also received an award for retaining it at the beginning of 2019, and reconfirmed it in a review in 2022. A number of arrangements are available to our employees, enabling them to achieve a work-life balance more easily. These arrangements benefit every generation of employees.

At Triglav, we are proud to be among those companies that recognise the importance of caring for their employees, and that help different generations of employees balance their work and family lives. Obtaining and retaining the full certificate is proof of the consideration we wish to extend to all our employees and their families. Since obtaining the basic certificate, these policies have resulted in the adoption of a number of best practices that have been recognised as such by the assessors at the Ekvilib Institute. As we have incorporated care for the health of our employees in this certificate’s range of measures, we have been the proud recipients of national and European awards for caring for our colleagues’ well-being since 2022.

Having obtained the full certificate, we will likewise continue our efforts to keep up with the best.

Selected company policies

1. Communication with employees

A system ensuring standardised information via an internal communication system.

2. Communication with the general public

Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d., communicates with all its stakeholders in a uniform manner. It informs the general public and internal audience about its activities, successes and achievements, including the full Family-Friendly Company certificate.

3. Employee surveys

A system for monitoring employee perceptions of the benefits of balancing their work and personal lives in everyday practice.

4. Management training

A system aimed at encouraging leaders to adhere to the family-friendly company philosophy and have a greater understanding of individual's needs to balance personal and work responsibilities.

5. Flexible working hours

A policy allowing employees to start work at a later hour.

6. Grants and benefits for children of deceased Triglav employees

A system aimed at alleviating the financial difficulties of minors and students who have lost a parent that was employed by Triglav, or his or her spouse.

7. Employees after 55

A policy to ensure more frequent medical examinations for employees aged 55 or more.

8. Time bonuses

A policy for employees who have a temporary obligation of care for family members due to illness.

9. Part-time employment due to family obligations

A policy for employees who have an obligation of care for family members, but are not legally entitled to reduced work hours.

10. Extra days of exceptional leave

A policy for employees whose compulsory health insurance entitlements do not include the right to accompany or care for a family member. Under this policy, employees who submit relevant documents may use up to seven days of paid leave per year.

11. Work-life balance group

The group comprises employees of different ages with different care obligations. Group members participate in the selection of policies and spread the family-friendly philosophy among their colleagues. Contact:

12. Reintegration after extended absence

A policy aimed at facilitating the return and transition to work of employees who had been on extended sick leave or maternity leave. The head of department and a human resources department representative participate in the discussion.

13. New Year’s gifts for children

Traditional gift-giving for employee's children that includes a show and a visit by the “good men of December”.

14. Recognition of the birth of an employee’s child

We send a greetings card to our employees at their home address when they welcome a new arrival into their family.

15. Birthday e-cards for employees

Employees receive birthday e-cards when they arrive at work.

16. Holiday daycare (camps) for the children of employees

For several years now, employee's primary school children have attended a summer camp for a relaxed holiday in nature.

17. Psychological support for staff

Mental health is an important precondition for a high quality of life. In-house psychological support, provided by a psychologist and psychotherapy specialist, is available to any staff member who feels they need to talk to someone.

18. “Health Days” programme

This is part of our health promotion programme, which aims to encourage staff to live healthily at every stage of life.

19. “Child time bonus” when a child starts nursery school

This has been designed for parents whose child is entering nursery school for the first time. They receive a “time bonus” of eight hours that helps them help their child get used to the new environment.

20. Teleworking in exceptional cases

For employees whose employment contract includes the possibility of working from home in exceptional cases and for a specified short period of time, we extend working from home to include all the days in the week.

21. Training for employees and care for mental health

Throughout the year, employees can attend stimulating workshops entitled “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, in which they can choose themes from the field of mental health. The aim of this training is to improve the mental stability of individuals in connection with lifelong learning, good relations and general well-being.

The Family-Friendly Company certificate is awarded by the Ekvilib Institute, which is responsible for the certification procedure, and the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.