Triglav Group Strategy

The strategy of the Triglav Group follows a path to become a modern, digital and dynamic insurance/financial group, which remains the leader both in Slovenia and the wider region.


We build a safer future.


To set the standard for an outstanding user experience – anytime, anywhere.


Responsiveness – Simplicity - Reliability

Strategic activities

  • Insurance (Non-life, Life, Pension, Health, Reinsurance)
  • Asset management (Own insurance portfolio, Mutual funds and individual asset management, Pension funds)

Triglav Group upgraded its strategy to 2025 to reflect the goals of further growth and development and the client-centric approach. To this end, the Group is continuing with digital transformation and the development of service-oriented business models and ecosystems that address interrelated client needs.
The operations of the Triglav Group, the leading insurance-financial group in the Adria region, are planned to remain profitable and safe. In the strategy period, a 10% return on equity (ROE) is planned and in 2025 total revenues are projected to exceed EUR 1.6 billion. By being committed to business sustainability, the Group remains a development-oriented environment for its employees, connected with its partners, and a stable, safe and profitable investment for investors.


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