Triglav Group Strategy

The strategy of the Triglav Group for the period from 2019 to 2022 follows a path to become a modern, digital and dynamic insurance/financial group, which remains the leader both in Slovenia and the wider region.


We build a safer future.


Based on its client-centric approach the Group dynamically develops new ways of doing business as the foundation of its responsible long-term development, while at the same time operating profitably and safely.


Responsiveness – Simplicity - Reliability

Strategic activities

  • Insurance (Non-life, Life, Pension, Health, Reinsurance)
  • Asset management (Own insurance portfolio, Mutual funds and individual asset management, Pension funds)

Key strategic guidelines

  • Long-term stable operations and increased value of the Triglav Group
  • Client focus and development of related services
  • Developing cooperative and agile organisation and culture

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