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Triglav Group Strategy

Strategy of the Triglav Group in the period 2022-2025

The Triglav Group has revised its strategy for 2025. The Group continues to pursue its existing key strategic guidelines, while upgrading them in terms of growth and development activities and an improved client-centric approach. By focusing on these goals, the Group continues to carry out its digital transformation process and develop service-oriented business models and ecosystems which address interrelated client needs. The Group's planned operations remain profitable and safe. Through its sustainable operations, the Group continues to provide a development-oriented environment for its employees, maintain ties with its partners and be a stable, safe and profitable investment for investors.

Triglav Group's strategic guidelines

Digital transformation
The Triglav Group continues with its digital transformation process with the aim of becoming the leading digitalised insurance and financial group in the Adria region.
By developing digital services, automating processes and implementing advanced digital technologies, it will ensure the best digital user experience to its clients.

Development of service-oriented business models
The Triglav Group is gradually transitioning from an insurance-oriented business model to a mostly service-oriented business model and ecosystem, which address many interrelated client needs in terms of insurance products and assitance and related services.

Development of organisational culture
The Triglav Group continues to create a highly effective and service-oriented organisational culture, which supports strategic business guidelines, and an organisational environment, which enables the Group to attract, develop and retain competent, engaged, healthy and satisfied employees.

An outstanding client experience
• Creating a unique experience across all channels, processes and products.
• A client-tailored range of insurance and financial products and services.
• Focusing on assistance and related services aimed at developing interrelated ecosystems.

Operating safely and profitably
The Triglav Group is an independent insurance and financial group with high credit ratings, holding a dominant market position in the Adria region. Its strategic guidelines are aimed at achieving a high profit and profitable growth.

The Triglav Group’s strategic indicators in 2022–2025
In terms of financial strategic indicators, the goal is for the Group’s total revenuthe Group’se to exceed EUR 1.6 billion in 2025, while achieving a 10% return on equity in this strategy period (the figures are determined using the existing IFRS 4 reporting framework).

The Triglav Group's strategic ambitions in sustainable development (ESG) here.

More information on the renewed strategy of the Triglav Group till 2025 available in the presentation.