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Plan and strategy

TRIGLAV GROUP BUSINESS PLAN FOR 2024. The Group's total business volume is planned at around EUR 1.6 billion and its earnings before tax between EUR 100 million and EUR 120 million in 2024. In addition, the Group will aim to ensure a high level of profitability of the insurance business by reaching a combined ratio of around 95% in non-life and health insurance.

Andrej Slapar, President of the Management Board of Zavarovalnica Triglav, said: "In 2024, we expect our operations to normalise in line with our strategy. The improvement will be seen in both the claims and expense parts of the combined ratio and in the generated operating profit. The termination of supplemental health insurance has been taken into account in the planned business volume of the health insurance segment, in which we will continue to develop and offer complementary insurance products."

The Group will consistently implement its strategic guidelines. By continuing its digital transformation and developing service-oriented business ecosystems, the Group will continue to pursue its main strategic objective – an outstanding and uniform client experience. As the leading insurance and financial group in Slovenia and the Adria region, the Group will further strengthen its market position, while seeking opportunities directly according to the principle of free movement of services and through partnerships. It will strive for cost optimisation and effectiveness (productivity gains, automation, digitalisation and centralisation), effective risk management, financial stability and retaining high credit ratings from recognised rating agencies. The dividend policy remains unchanged, as does the aim to make the ZVTG share a profitable, safe and stable investment for investors. With respect to sustainable development, the Group will pursue its ambitions in line with its Sustainable Development Policy.

The Group expects a moderate macroeconomic environment in 2024 and its performance will depend on the financial market trend, the impact of the termination of supplemental health insurance, reinsurance coverage and the market potential of the markets in which the Group operates. The figures planned for 2024 are based on the outlook, expectations about events and circumstances, and forecasts available to the Company at the time of drafting the plan. The actual results, performance and events may significantly deviate from those planned at this time.

STRATEGY 2022-2025. More about Triglav Group's Strategy here.