Financial calendar

Financial Calendar 2021 of Triglav Group

Planned date 1

Type of announcement

Silent period 2

Tuesday, 2/3/2021

Preliminary key figures 2020

From Tuesday, 9/2/2021

Wednesday, 31/3/2021

Audited annual report for 2020

From Wednesday, 17/3/2021

Thursday, 22/4/2021

Convocation Notice of the General Meeting of Shareholders on distribution of profit

Tuesday, 18/5/2021

January – March 2021 Results

From Tuesday, 4/5/2021

Tuesday, 25/5/2021

General Meeting of Shareholders and notice of its resolutions

Tuesday, 17/8/2021

January – June 2021 Interim Report

From Tuesday, 3/8/2021

Wednesday, 17/11/2021

January – September 2021 Results

From Wednesday, 3/11/2021

1 Announcement dates as planned. The actual dates may differ from the above stated planned dates.
2 The silent period denotes a period preceding the announcement of Triglav Group results, during which Triglav does not disclose information on current operations to the public.

Any amendments to the provisional dates of publication will be published on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange's website via the SEOnet system at and on the Company's website at (

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