By pursuing sustainability goals, the Triglav Group is creating a long-term stable basis for its profitable and safe operations, promoting the transition to a sustainable society and reducing its impact on climate change.

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Sponsorships and donations

The System of Awarding Funds for Sponsorships and Donations

Sponsorships and donations allow us to support and improve the functioning of organisations, societies and institutes in the areas of sport, culture, education, healthcare, humanitarian actions and other socially-responsible activities. In this way, we can respond to the needs of the environment and actively help reduce the effects of harmful influences in the natural environment.

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For a better tomorrow

In the case of a house fire, a flooded river, an earthquake or cardiac arrest, the quick and self-sacrificing assistance of firefighters, health services, mountain rescuers and others is of crucial importance. With the For A Better Tomorrow campaign, we help prevent accidents and support those who are the first to provide help in moments of distress.


Clean Up Our Mountains

Slovenia has 10 thousand kilometres of mountain trails, and every third Slovenian is a mountaineer. The Clean Up Our Mountains initiative brings together over 36,000 ambassadors of clean mountains and unspoiled nature. We are connected through our slogan: Let's bring back nice memories and waste from the mountains.


Together for traffic safety

We have been studying Slovenian drivers and their habits for many years. In the scope of our preventive activities concerning road traffic, we search for answers to the question of influencing the behaviour of Slovenian drivers.