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For a better tomorrow

In the case of a house fire, a flooded river, an earthquake or cardiac arrest, the quick and self-sacrificing assistance of firefighters, health services, mountain rescuers and others is of crucial importance. With the For A Better Tomorrow campaign, we help prevent accidents and support those who are the first to provide help in moments of distress.

Have you ever worried about nearby watercourses when heavy rain is forecast? You are not the only one. One in thirteen Slovenians regularly feel such distress. There are even more who are certainly going to be seriously endangered by floods at least once in their lifetime. It is similar in the case of risks of fire and earthquake.

The first reaction is the right reaction

In the event of casualties and incidents, the right response of the person affected is crucial, in addition to the prompt, professional assistance of suitably qualified and equipped intermediaries. Raising awareness about proper actions in unexpected situations is therefore our mission. Interactive and interesting in-depth stories on the subject are being prepared, taking the readers through the appropriate first reactions, thus minimising the possibility of property damage and life jeopardy. In the event of a flood, earthquake or fire.

The first to provide help

In 7 years, the For A Better Tomorrow campaign has brought together more than 180 projects providing help to those who are the first to provide help in the local communities. In the past, we have helped many firefighting societies throughout the country, co-financed the purchase of defibrillators and various complex medical devices, and supported a number of other projects in the field of health, civil protection, development, child safety, and flood and road safety.

When the heart stops, every second counts

Particularly in the smaller and remote local communities, where there is a long and winding road to the nearest health centre, good network coverage with publicly accessible defibrillators is essential. In past years, we have purchased or co-financed more than 50 defibrillators; furthermore, we raise awareness on how to save lives by using a defibrillator.

Everything will be all right

We publish the stories and advice for a carefree everyday life at home, when travelling, during leisure time and at work on the Everything will be all right website.