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Employment at Triglav

Why join the Triglav family?

A friendly welcome and start

At Triglav, we are fully committed to growth. We want to be successful in attracting employees and in ensuring their development. On the first day of employment, new employees attend the introductory seminar Guide to Triglav, where they get acquainted with the working environment and the many benefits of working at Triglav. We actively involve new employees in the culture of networking and collaboration through an introductory mentoring programme.

We grow
Professionally and personally

Triglav is people and every one of our employees counts. We place great importance on the potential and development of each member of our family. We want new employees to prove themselves as professional, responsible, innovative and proactive.

We plan the development of all employees on the basis of in-depth annual interviews and a system of competences. We seek effective and exemplary leadership, which is why we enhance the development of competences with leadership academies and coaching. We have a system for developing key and promising personnel, which provides additional support to individuals in developing their managerial or professional careers based on the development plan. We encourage mobility as a path to intercultural cooperation, and thus open up career opportunities in the Adriatic region to all our employees.