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Employment at Triglav

What we do at Triglav?

Our core processes are concentrated in the insurance area (sales, product development, actuarial, etc.), and are complemented and enhanced by numerous support processes (employee management, business intelligence, socially responsible activities, etc.).

We are present throughout Slovenia, and our employees are located at our headquarters in Ljubljana and at regional units in 12 major cities. However, our insurance agents working in the field reach every village in Slovenia.

Discover areas of work and organisational structure

Currently the most sought-after human resources at Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d.:

  • insurance salespersons,
  • insurance agents,
  • appraisers.

Also key are other skill sets related to specific insurance professions, such as:

  • mathematicians (especially for actuary positions),
  • highly educated mechanical engineers (for positions in the area of claims),
  • IT professionals (for developer and development engineer positions).

Nonetheless, our company is very diverse in terms of employee education.


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