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Sustainable development

Together for traffic safety

We have been studying Slovenian drivers and their habits for many years. In the scope of our preventive activities concerning road traffic, we search for answers to the question of influencing the behaviour of Slovenian drivers.

We focus our efforts for greater traffic safety on the local communities. We enable our municipalities to obtain innovative and intelligent road signage, efficiently reducing the number of road accidents and their consequences.

For safer drivers

To enable the drivers to refresh their knowledge of road traffic regulations and manners in an interactive, interesting and accessible way using tests, we have created the Vozimse website.

Infrastructure solutions for fewer casualties

More than half of the road accidents in Slovenia occur in settlements and pedestrians, the most vulnerable road users, are commonly involved. The most common causes of traffic accidents were inappropriate speeds and incorrect vehicle manoeuvres.

These two traffic challenges have been addressed by installing intelligent road systems since 2015. So far, we have installed as many as 68 Vi vozite (Your speed is) speed displays all over Slovenia in the scope of the Together for Traffic Safety initiative. Monitoring before and after the installation of the speed displays has shown that the displays and related activities can achieve a decrease in speeding drivers by up to 7.3 %.

We have also installed 24 COPS@road collision prevention systems at blind curves and sections and just as many COPS@rail train-approaching warning systems at passively protected railway crossings. The number of accidents in the road sections protected by COPS@road has reduced by 80 %.

Responsible driving is further encouraged by the innovative mobile application DRAJV, monitoring and grading the drivers' speed and providing a car insurance discount for responsible drivers.

Driving simulator for eliminating errors

On the Mobility Tour, we are testing the reaction of drivers in certain unexpected situations using the DRAJV driving simulator. All drivers are accompanied by a driving instructor, commenting on their driving errors and recommending measures for a safer driving.

Only 35% of drivers taking the simulator test drive would get their driving licence with such driving. It has proven that both experienced and new drivers can recognise a dangerous traffic situation; however, they do not react appropriately or do not manage to avoid the crash due to their speed.

Would you accept the challenge of taking your driving test again?

In their driving carrier, experienced drivers are faced with changing infrastructure, traffic regulations and vehicles. We have thus enabled them to correct their habitual errors with the help of a driving instructor on the roads they are using every day. We have invited them to take the driving test again. The Atmosferci have also accepted the challenge of retaking their driving test. Less than half of the participants passed their driving test; nevertheless, they all improved their driving abilities.

And which were the most common driving errors in traffic? Speeding took first place, followed by ignoring traffic signs and rules, incorrect lane positioning and the incorrect use of indicators at roundabouts. Many drivers also forget how important it is to prepare for driving, not only including safety belts and appropriately set mirrors, but also paying attention to everything in the (back) seats while driving and how to correctly hold the steering wheel.