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Do you have the mobile insurer app yet?

Step into a whole new world with the upgraded i.triglav mobile app

Zavarovalnica Triglav are keen to follow modern digital transformation trends and meet the needs of their customers, who are increasingly turning to electronic devices for their day-to-day business. In order to ensure the best possible user experience, the company have upgraded their i.triglav mobile application by expanding the range of services that can be accessed using smart devices. Customers can now carry out most of their insurance tasks quickly and easily, as well as make use of the insurer’s other services.

By overhauling the i.triglav mobile app, which was originally launched in 2017, Zavarovalnica Triglav have set about ensuring the same or an even better user experience than the one enjoyed by their customers on the online digital branch.
Via the mobile insurer app, customers can now sign or renew those insurance policies they can sign and renew online, make a claim and keep an eye on the progress in resolving the claim, order assistance, review the details of their policies, benefits and discounts (Triglav Komplet, campaign coupons such as AvtoMobilno, Drajv discount, etc.), and submit applications to make changes to insurance policies or personal details. The mobile app also displays every insurance notice and document, as well as the balance of a customer’s savings in Triglav Skladi and life insurance policies. There is also a message-sending facility and an archive of all communications between the customer and the insurer.

Publication of the updated version of the i.triglav app means that the Triglav Asistenca app has now been withdrawn from online app stores; this is because all claim registration and assistance ordering services have now been transferred to the updated app.

Customers can install the i.triglav mobile app free of charge on their smartphone from App Store or Google Play). Those who already use the app simply need to update to the latest version.

“The customer is always at the heart of our operations. We are keen to bring insurance services closer to them and to provide them with a straightforward, transparent and secure business environment. In step with users, we are responding to the challenges of today and to the need to transform our products digitally and technologically. The main goal behind the upgrading of the i.triglav mobile app is to develop an effective tool that will enable customers to do business with Zavarovalnica Triglav in a technologically advanced fashion,” said Goran Jurošević, head of the digital platform service at Zavarovalnica Triglav.

The company say that they will continue to actively develop the i.triglav app and upgrade it with new functions to provide customers with an even better, more interactive and personalised mobile business experience.

In addition to i.triglav, the insurer also offers the Triglav Vreme app, which enables users to monitor weather events and prepare for them in good time. The app currently has around 90,000 users. The DRAJV app, which monitors speed, telephone movements and use, and braking, acceleration and cornering forces during a car journey, has been downloaded by more than 155,000 users in the seven years since it was launched.

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