Investor relations

Credit rating

Triglav Group and thereby parent company Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d., and Pozavarovalnica Triglav Re, d.d., is rated by rating agencies SP Global Ratings and A.M.Best. Triglav Group obtained very favourable ratings by both agencies. Please find more data on our ratings below.

Here you can find the latest ratings of S&P Global Ratings and our announcement on latest ratings of AM Best.

Credit rating agency Credit rating Medium-term outlook Date
S&P Global Ratings A Stable 13/9/2021
A.M. Best A Stable 16/10/2020
S&P Global Ratings A Stable 11/9/2020
A.M. Best A Stable 19/11/2019
S&P Global Ratings A Stable 31/7/2019
A.M. Best A Stable 30/11/2018
S&P Global Ratings A Stable 7/9/2018
A.M. Best A Stable 30/10/2017
S&P Global Ratings A Stable 8/9/2017
A.M. Best A Stable 28/10/2016
S&P Global Ratings A Stable 1/7/2016
A.M. Best A- Positive 16/10/2015
Standard & Poor's A- Positive 29/7/2015
A.M. Best A- Positive 3/10/2014
Standard & Poor's A- Stable 26/9/2014
Standard & Poor's A- Stable 7/7/2014
A.M. Best A- Stable 17/10/2013
Standard & Poor's A- Stable 4/7/2013
A.M. Best A- Stable 21/3/2013
Standard & Poor's BBB+ Positive 14/2/2013
Standard & Poor's A Negative 21/11/2011
Standard & Poor's A Stable 25/11/2010
Standard & Poor's A- Negative 8/8/2010
Standard & Poor's A Stable 25/8/2009
Standard & Poor's A Stable 25/9/2008

Why is credit rating important?

The "A" credit rating is one of the important strategic objectives of the Triglav Group. In addition, such high credit rating enables the Group to sell its insurance and reinsurance products more competitively in all of its target markets, provides access to a wider range of investors in the financial markets, as well as ensures relatively lower costs of financing, high reputation and greater credibility.

What does a financial rating mean?

Insurer Financial Strength Rating (IFS rating) represents the opinion of a credit rating agency on the financial security characteristics of an insurer and their financial strength in terms of the ability to meet their obligations to policyholders and other stakeholders.